DWI Services
Assessment: price per charge in system with Asterix $100 each
Driving record (must have) $10
Short-Term Outpatient Treatment 20-hour program $295
Longer-Term Outpatient Treatment 40-hour program $395
Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) $160
Outpatient Therapy Services
Substance Abuse Assessment $100
Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Session $50 per hour
Mental Health Assessment $100
Mental Health Outpatient Treatment Session $50 per hour
Parenting Education Services
16 Session Course: group setting or individual $400 (total course cost)
$25 per session
Sex Offender Treatment Services
2 curriculums available: Adult and Children. Treatment can be accessed via group session or individual sessions. Group is 1 day a week; individual sessions are by appointment only. Sessions can be mixed but client will pay according to session type. Requires 1 lab testing, and referral to polygraph testing.
Assessment $300
Group Session (90 min) $50
Individual Session (60 min) $70
6-Month Treatment 24 group sessions $1200
6-Month Treatment 24 individual sessions $1680
12-Month Treatment 48 group sessions $2400
12-Month Treatment 48 individual sessions $3360
Court Appearance (requires additional $0.50 per mile) $200 plus mileage
Anger Management Services
*Sessions can be mixed, but client will pay according to session type*
Assessment $100
Group Session 90 min $50
Individual Session 60 min $70
16-session Program (Group) 90 min $800
16-Session Program (Individual) 60 min $1120
Laboratory Services
Urinalysis Test $25
Oral Swab Test $25
Breathalyzer Test $25
Instant Urinalysis Test $35
Notary Services
Documents per signature $5
Consultation Services
Program Development $50 per hour
Supervision for Licensure/Certification
(Discounts available for multiple license/certification)
$100 monthly
Trainings TBA